Are You Addicted to Pain?

Most of us are. In this Yogaglo meditation, David Harshada Wagner discusses the human addiction to pain and habits of suffering. In The Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Indian text, yoga is the severance of union with pain. What’s your relationship to pain? 

David asks us difficult questions here. If we’re really honest, we might notice we crave pain.  “If something or someone causes you pain, does it get more of your attention? If someone says something negative or insulting to you, it will play over and over within your mind.  We are still repeating things that were said to us as little kids on the playground. We are not repeating the fun, happy events. We don’t obsessively repeat nice things. That is the nature of most people’s minds.”

This  meditation questions our relationship to pain and asks us to bring joy in instead.  Do you nurture your union with pain?  It’s very often something we’re unconsciously doing.

You can watch David’s meditation “Living Wisdom: Addicted to Pain” here on Yogaglo.

David Harshada Wagner

David Harshada Wagner will be at Kripalu,  February 14-17,  leading a “Big Heart Meditation” retreat.


Refresh & Renew

Refresh & Renew Yoga Workshop with Cara

Saturday,  Jan 11, 2 – 4pm

$35 at Green Mountain Community Fitness

It’s a new year! Cleanse your mind and body in this 2 hour yoga workshop with Cara.  Starting with a detoxifying flow, we’ll use the power of the breath to increase circulation and help move stagnation. We’ll flush  out toxins with twists and hip openers, giving the body a fresh start. The second half of this workshop will focus on renewing the body, by opening the heart center. Using restorative postures to open the shoulders and chest,  we’ll release deep-seated tension and allow room for living in the moment, staying close to our hearts and listening deeply as we move into the new year. Refresh and Renew!

Pre-registration required.  Sign up here! 

*All levels welcome, no experience necessary*

Snow Poses

Last week, Vermont was hit with two feet of fluffy white powder. Perfect for snowboarding and skiing. I love to play in the snow and challenged myself with a few asanas. It’s hard to move when dressed for winter (puffy coats and heavy boots aren’t made for yoga) but I managed a few snow poses.

High Lunge: Square your hip points, align the knee directly over your ankle. Engage your core and lengthen the spine to the sky.


Bend deeply into the pose, keeping the torso lifted and your back leg strong. Raise your arms high overhead (if you can in your coat, I couldn’t 🙂 Lunging in the snow is definitely a workout. The hip flexors and inner groins release, great for counteracting all the sitting and driving we do during the holidays. You’ll appreciate the cold winter air after a few of these!snow lunges 2

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana (Revolved Side Angle Pose)

revolved side angle

From a high lunge, rotate your torso and bring your left arm to the outside of the right knee (this knee in lunge). Twist and bring your abdomen over the lunging leg. Draw the shoulder blades down the back and play around with lengthening and twisting the spine, on the inhale/exhale.  Twists are detoxifying,  improve  circulation, and restore the spine’s mobility.

Yoga snow poses are fun! And if you fall out, make a snow angel.

Compass Pose

Asana of the Week:

Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana 

Compass Pose

Compass pose

This pose looks impossible, but looks are deceiving! Darren Rhodes makes Compass so accessible you *might* wonder why your knee isn’t always on top of your shoulder.  Right?!   This is a  really deep hamstring stretch that is equally intense for the shoulders and side body. Go only as far as you can.  And breathe 🙂

Compass Pose Tutorial with Darren Rhodes on Yogaglo