Dear Yogis, I am both happy and sad to announce September will be my last month in Vermont. I’ve been accepted to grad school in California for my Master’s in Clinical Psychology. As I begin training in psychotherapy, I’m particularly excited by a current trend in mental health care: incorporating integrative techniques such as yoga and meditation. Time Magazine has a great article here,“Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat.”

I’ll be teaching in Southern Vermont until late September. Please check our online class schedule here. 

Thank you all so much for your support. It has been an honor to teach, practice and share my love of yoga with you! Stay tuned for my West Coast adventures. 

In gratitude,  xox Cara

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

Tripod Headstand (Sirsasana II)

Tripod headstand is a badass yoga pose! Balancing on your head, with the hands behind you in support, feels pretty cool. Not gonna lie. It can be intimidating, though. Here are a few tips to help you lift off into Sirsasana II.

The trick is to bend the elbows back, just like chaturunga. This requires the hands to be far behind you, elbows stacking over wrists. You’re creating a shelf with the arms and this shelf will provide you with enough stability to lift the feet off the ground and into the pose. Tripod headstand is aptly named: the palms of the hands and crown of the head are your base.

wide legged forward bend

Lower down from a wide-legged forward bend.

wide legged forward bend, shoulders release

Clasp the hands behind you, let the shoulders release overhead.


Press the palms strongly into the mat, fingers spread wide. Make sure your elbows are above the wrists. Think chaturunga with the arms. Place the crown of the head onto the mat. See if you can slowly lift the feet off the ground. Play here, with the feet rising. Breathe as the feet lift up, hips stacking over shoulders, legs reaching high overhead. I like to come into the pose from a Wide-legged Forward Bend, pulling the belly in as I fold. You can also walk the toes in, placing the knees on the arms, as Kathryn Budig demonstrates here. 

wide legged forward bend, arms stacked

Press palms into mat, elbows over wrists. Set up your base.

tripod headstand

Slowly rise up into Tripod headstand.

Practice against a wall, using a blanket underneath the head. This extra bit of cushioning will get you used to balancing on the crown of your head. It can feel uncomfortable at first, so take your time. This pose takes practice, patience and strength. Go for it! It’s super fun when you get there.



wlvt chairlift

Had a super fun time at Wanderlust Vermont. Helped Trinity from Altar Your Reality  glam the space up with 50 pound rose quartz globes, bodhi tree leaves and fresh blooms. Trinity travels with Wanderlust and creates amazing altars in the yoga rooms and across the festival grounds. Really cool to help create her vision!

wlvt tents

Enjoyed Tumeric Elixirs, new Pura Vida Bracelets and plenty of Kombucha. Took a Gondola ride to the mountaintop. And EARNED the bruises on my arms from so much arm balancing!

wlvt gondola

But most of all, I enjoyed the wonderful soul sister time with the divine Rachel. She glows… and has funky Aussie sayings no one understands.

rachie carebear

Add all this together, what’ve you got? One happy Carebear.

wlvt selfie

Check out Wanderlust. Lots of good vibes.



Bring Your Yoga Practice Outside

Summer is here! And when the sun shines, it’s a perfect opportunity to bring your practice outside. With your bare feet on the grass, practice malasana, ardha chandrasana, handstands and forward folds. Work on your tan, smell the sweet summer air and connect with the natural beauty all around you.



half moon



Restore in 10 minutes

But you don’t have the time right? You haven’t finished what you started and you need to. Consider this: you might be more productive if you allowed yourself to slow down. Instead of pushing your body to its limits and slowing down only when you get sick, give yourself time to take it easy. EVERY DAY. Whether it’s savoring your morning cup of coffee undisturbed (no email or Facebook) or practicing this yoga sequence at the office. This is a guilt free break. In France, it is now illegal to check your email after 6pm. Illegal! Imagine that. We don’t need to take it that far, but there’s something to be said for the principle. Give back to your body, go easy on it sometimes. Do you push yourself hard each day, mentally, physically or both? Show it some love, gratitude and respect. Throw a little R&R in your day with this sequence. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

Yoga for Stress Relief Wednesdays in April 5:30-6:30pm

Yoga for Stress ReliefJoin me for my 4 week series, Yoga for Stress Relief, at West River Yoga, a great studio and psychotherapy practice in Brattleboro, VT. Using restorative yoga, breath work, and mindfulness, we’ll bring deep ease to the body and learn how to respond to stress cues.

Pre-registration required. To register online, please visit my event listing on Eventbrite, found here. Feel free to email me with any questions or to reserve a space, carabehan@gmail.com.

sneak peek: Burlington Yoga Conference

Burlington Yoga Conference


This weekend is the 6th Annual Burlington Yoga Conference, March 8-9, 2014. Burlington is a yoga-laden little town and how cool  to have its own yoga conference?! I’ll be helping out with registration and am psyched for a full weekend of yoga with teachers  Dawn Mauricio, Coral Brown, Bram Levinson and Coby Kozlowski. Some of Burlington’s best teachers are on the schedule, too.

The Herd Brothers will be playing live music in many of BYC’s workshops. I first heard them in Elena Brower’s workshop at Wanderlust VT. What’s their yoga groove style?  “Post rock, ambient instrumental music designed to enhance your yoga flow.” Sold. Super dreamy dudes, super dreamy tunes. I love the combination of live music and yoga, especially with an indie rock twist.

The Burlington Yoga Conference is a great time. Vermont Yogis, see you this weekend!

For more information and to register, visit www.burlingtonyogaconference.com.