Meditation for Kids in Schools = Results

Twice daily meditation breaks in a San Francisco, California school district lead to a 79% decrease in school suspensions, increased attendance and academic performance. I am thrilled by the progressive attitudes and approaches being used to positively influence our kids within the public school system, especially here in CA. For more information about this program, please visit the Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education website,

To see the most recent NBC news story, San Francisco Schools Transformed by the Power of Meditation, view video below.






Dear Yogis, I am both happy and sad to announce September will be my last month in Vermont. I’ve been accepted to grad school in California for my Master’s in Clinical Psychology. As I begin training in psychotherapy, I’m particularly excited by a current trend in mental health care: incorporating integrative techniques such as yoga and meditation. Time Magazine has a great article here,“Psychotherapy Goes from Couch to Yoga Mat.”

I’ll be teaching in Southern Vermont until late September. Please check our online class schedule here. 

Thank you all so much for your support. It has been an honor to teach, practice and share my love of yoga with you! Stay tuned for my West Coast adventures. 

In gratitude,  xox Cara

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach

Vision Quest Alaska

I write this from the vast woods of Alaska. The sun rises at 9am. The stars are so close in the night sky, they practically touch the trees. Snow-capped mountain peaks surround me and just yesterday, I watched a moose and her calf walk across the yard. They sauntered by today too.


Here, life is wild and oh so freeing. You live with nature, aware that you could encounter a brown bear in the woods or on your lawn. My best friends are wildlife biologists and they’ve confirmed, you really could get eaten alive out there! I’m in moose, bear, lynx, and wolverine country. Pack the bear spray.

You respect the immense power of the natural world in Alaska, in a way which is lost in more urban areas. The tide is strong in Cook Inlet, best not walk through the mud flats. There’s a chance of avalanche,  avoid snowy mountain passes. These are some of my daily considerations. It’s primordial hiking the deep Alaskan woods and rare to find oneself in terrain so untouched, so remote, so still. You are required to be mindful of your path. Observe what’s walked before you, know what you’re walking towards.

alaska woods.jpg

On my own personal vision quest,  my mindfulness is strong. I’m keenly aware of each step I take in walking my path. It’s easier to get in touch with my deep inner knowing, my intuition, my core.

Away from the modern world, limitations fall away. The world feels wide, the world is wide. I know my truth. Speak my clarity. Act from love. Follow my heart, not my fear. Seeking and finding my own inner stillness, one step at a time.

Yoga gives me a similar space, just like these woods, and teaches me to expand.

yoga moosejpg

my first practice next to moose antlers

The trick is to hold onto this wild energy and trust. Remembering that deep down, you know which way to go.

Charlie Brown knows not to walk into the river :)

Charlie Brown knows not to walk into the river 🙂